Jul 19, 2008

Malaga Tourist Attractions

From the Plaza de la Merced in Málaga, Calle del Mundo Nuevo ascends to the Alcazaba, which occupies the site of the earliest settlement. This old stronghold of the Moorish kings was begun in the ninth century, but has been much rebuilt and restored since then. Three circuits of wall surround the hill. The principal remains of the original structure are the Torre de la Vela and the Arco de Cristo.

From the Plaza de la Marina in Málaga, Calle Molina Larios leads into the old town, which is dominated by the cathedral with its twin-towered façade. This massive limestone building, on the site of an earlier mosque, was begun in 1538 to the design of Diego de Siloé, partly destroyed by an earthquake in 1680 and rebuilt from 1719 onwards. From the 86m/282ft high north tower there are extensive views.

Semana Santa

The processions and passion plays which take place during Holy Week are particularly extravagant and spectacular in Málaga.

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Raul said...

Nice blog about Malaga. I would like to comment for adding a few more sights every tourist would see if coming to Malaga, like the beautiful coast views and white villages from Mijas Pueblo (please dont miss it, those views amazed myself in the past), Fuengirola promenade worth also a visit as well as Nerja. Malaga is a charming city with a lot of culture and history, hope you enjoy your visit when coming!.