Sep 21, 2008

Most Beautiful and Famous Gardens in the World

Viceroy's Palace Garden, India
Huntington Library Cactus Garden, USA
Golshan Garden, Iran
Het Loo, Netherlands
Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland
Powis Castle, Wales
Villandry, France
Villa Lante, Italy
Crathes Castle, Scotland
Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland
Hidcote, England
Isola Bella, Italy
Giardino Giusti, Italy
Tsarskoe Selo, Russia
Alhambra, Spain
Bodnant, Wales
Courances, France
Monteiro, Brazil
Peterhof, Russia
Ryoanji, Japan
Saihoji, Japan
Shalamar Bagh, Kashmir
Liu Yuan, China
LongHouse Reserve, USA
Millennium Park, Chicago
Miller House, USA
Missouri Botanical Garden, USA
Kirstenbosch, South Africa
La Majorelle, Morocco
Las Pozas, Mexico
Les Quatre Vents, Canada
Fin Graden, Iran
Donnell Garden, USA
Dumbarton Oaks, USA
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I said...

Thank You for sharing the diversity of culture in gardens.

aline said...

I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful content./Nice article and great photos. Very nicely done!
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Dan said...

I have visited a few of these gardens but obviously there are more to see. Great site.

Susan said...

In countries enduring conflict, political oppression, poverty and apathy finding a garden is a reminder that all is not lost.

holiday deals said...

I wish the hanging Garden of Babylon was included lol!

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Mark Benson said...

The gardens are quite lovable through the pictures. One should definitely explore all of them once in a life time. One should start off by flights to South Africa and get amazed by the beauty in Kirstenbosch. All the gardens are worth exploring for their tremendous amounts of natural beauty.

Jamie said...

These gardens are truly breath taking. I would not mind if I stay in one of these for a day. My favorite is Giardino Giusti in Italy. It does look like a maze. It can be a good walking exercise if you’re able to make your way through the curves of its bushes. Fin Graden is also interesting. The ambiance of the garden is very calming. It would be a great experience for any nature lover to visit one of these parks at least once in their lives!

Jamie Keifer

Shona Martinez said...

Among these impressive gardens, my top choice would be the two Japanese gardens. The place seems to have an uplifting mood. Hmm, why there weren’t any gardening competition lately? It must be thrilling to witness different nations competing for the top prize. Do you think it’d be great if they had something like an Olympic type event? LOL!

Shona Martinez

Elizaveta Kramer said...

I don’t think I need to ask why these gardens are names the most beautiful and famous gardens in the world. These are clearly the best and the most excellent gardens ever. @_@ The designs are unbelievable and flawless. Everyone will be amazed and mesmerized once they see these. Oh, I wish I could visit some of these extraordinary gardens.

Elizaveta Kramer

Katy said...

Of all those pictures, my favorite is Hidcote, England! What I like about it is the living sculpture! I’m a fan of these living sculptures, and if ever I’ll have the chance, I want to create one for our garden. Hmm. I am thinking of creating either Spiderman or Stitch! Anyway, all gardens have their own unique beautiful features, which make them stand out from each other.

-Katy Eagles

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imran khan said...

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Steve Paul said...

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Rathore said...

These are awesome places to see it i must visit there. thanks for sharing.

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