Sep 17, 2008

Norway - Land of the Vikings and the Explorer

A beautiful Scandinavian country that straddles the arctic circle, and is known as the land of the midnight sun, Norway is a destination where you can find total peace in the northern tundra, cruise through the breathtaking fjords, or enjoy one of the most dynamically entertaining and historic cities in Europe if you take a short break to the capital Oslo.The land of the Vikings and the explorer Amundsen, and some of the most fascinating history of Europe, Norway is a country with one eye looking inland at the vast natural beauty, and the other firmly fixed on the horizon looking to the sea and the future .The south of the country is rolling hills, and farmland, the area where in summer the temperature is pleasant, and the majority of the population live in small towns and large industrial cities, while in the North, the terrain is flat and open, a land of polar bears, caribou, and wolves. The spring in the arctic is a time of color, as wildflowers push through the perma-frost keen to reach the sunlight, while in winter, the endless dark, and wretched cold make the tundra inhospitable to humans.All along the west coast, the Fjords are glacial valleys torn into the sides of high mountains, and the hillsides are green throughout the summer, when many cruise ships take their passengers through the area to see sights of true natural beauty.

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