Sep 25, 2008

World's Trendiest Cities

These are the cities that put the cool in cool, the trend in trendy, the places that other cities aspire to. Where trends are born, & scenes die everyday. Places so trendy that the people there don't even know they're being trendy anymore, places where the nightlife is so good it happens during the day.
Honorable Mention; Montreal,Canada
A city largely regarded as one of the world's best, with a decisively European flair, Montreal is quite amazing. And the people speak French, yet it's in North America. Do you see how trendy that is? It's like they were in North America, & someone said "hey you know what would be cool, if we all spoke French", & some other dude said "how trendy", & the other guy was like "exactly".

This is the city that invented alternative rock music, can anyone say Nirvana? This is also the same place where Death Cab for Cutie got their break. Think about that, this city owns music. Also Starbucks was invented here, & then just a few years later they were so past that trend that they were smashing Starbucks windows, that's just cool.

9. San Francisco,USA
I'm pretty sure being gay was invented here, & we all know how trendy that is! Okay so that was offensive, but seriously, San Francisco is a city that sets trends. Everything is in a constant state of motion here, even the ground can't stop shaking, for progress must be made.

You want trendy? Well here it is! Amsterdam! Just think of it this way, whenever someone does drugs, or goes out with a hooker, they're emulating Amsterdam. Sure maybe those things weren't invented here, but they were definitely made infamous here.

Your mom thinks it's cool, & that's enough for me. No seriously, Barcelona screams cool, America's Next Top Model even filmed a season here. See that, it's America's Next Top Model, but to make their show tolerable, they had to come to Spain. That & the opening shot in Justin Timber lake's video for Sexy back was shot in Barcelona. And if it's cool enough for Justin, odds are it's much too cool for you.

You'll see more style underground in the Parisian metro system than there is to be found in most other entire cities. A city's subway with women so beautiful & decked out in leather trench coats looking as if they just walked off a L'Oreal photo shoot, that's Paris. Imagine what the streets are like.

5. Milan,Italy
Milan, Italy,,, that sounds cool right? Well it's even cooler if you say it in Italian,,, Milano, Italia. Let's just contemplate that, just the name. It's aww inspiring, that & the fact that this city plays host to some of the world's more beautiful people, & its absolute best fashion designers.

4. New York, USA
Commonly called capital of the world not many places are more trendy than Manhattan. The Village, SoHo, & the Upper West side are gods amongst mortals, neighbor hoods of cool in a world of not cool. Besides New York is where AIDS was first discovered. See New York even gets diseases before everyone else does.

3. London,England
Trends are born on London sidewalks. There is a reason after all that people buy Mini Coopers with Union Jacks on them, & that's because England is cool, & why is England cool, well because London is there of course! Although Paris Hilton didn't know that London is a city inside England, but that's the point, Paris Hilton doesn't even know where it's at, how cool is that?!

Tokyo has robotic dogs playing soccer. If that's not an up & coming trend well then I don't know what is. Besides if anyone's ever seen the movie Lost in Translation they would know Tokyo is ridiculously trendy if only because that movie had absolutely no point other than they were in Tokyo. Now that's trendy.

1. Los Angeles ,USA
This had to be expected, I mean this is L.A. we're talking about. Where dogs do yoga, & sushi is eaten off the naked bodies of female models. Where dreams are made, & where they end. This is the place people imagine when they dream at night. The 10th largest economy in the world, & sunny everyday, this city is god, the defining point of all western civilization. Birthplace to the convertible, inline skating, & well every movie & show you ever liked. Besides where else in the world can you find a goth roller skating night?

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