Dec 3, 2008

One of Top Seven Most Beautiful - Danxia in China

"One of Top Seven Most Beautiful, Danxia in China" Ranked by China National Geography Magazine.Danxia Mountain in Renhua County, Shaoguan City of Guangdong Province: China's red stone park.Danxia Mountain, located in Renhua County, Guangdong Province, with its walls and tiers of red rocks and cliffs, like Danxia (red rays of the sun), from which its name derives, has been compared to a ruby sculpture park. It is known as ''China's Red Stone Park''.Danxia landform's rock walls and cliffs are formed of red sandstone and conglomerate. Research shows that about 100 million years ago, there used to be a huge inland basin here. Water carried silt from the surrounding mountains to the basin. As the result of global high temperatures the basin dried up and in these arid conditions the sediment oxidized and turned rust color. Then some 70 million years ago a 3,700-meter-thick red-colored layer formed on the basin, known as the chalk bed. On the top, there was a 1,300-meter-thick solid layer, i.e., layer of Cretaceous system, from which the peaks of Danxia Mountain gradually took shape.
The mountain is covered with sub-tropical evergreen forest, lush and green all the year round. Originating in the immense forest of Nanling, the graceful Jinjiang River winds its way through the mountain, enhancing the landscape. The river looks like a superb wine flowing out of the forest, with watery reflections of bamboo, trees and rocks, a rural landscape full of the feel of the south. It is a place of towering cliffs and deep valleys that are home to verdant trees and limpid springs.
Danxia Mountain is full of scenic wonders: curious mountains, cliffs, stones, caves, natural bridges and valleys, all simply incredible. The mountains are noted for their different shapes: a sequence of castles, cones, walls, pillars, and pagodas. Some resemble human figures in different postures, others look like birds or beasts, but all are nature's masterpieces. The Yangyuan Rock (Male Organ), Yinyuan Rock (Female Organ), Wangfu (Longing for Husband to Return) Rock and Longlin Rock are regarded as the ''Four Beauties of Danxia Mountain''.Best time to go, Anytime. Its annual average temperature is 65.8F—70.8F. Average temperature is 82.4F—84.2F in the hottest month (July) and 46.4F---51.8F in the coldest month (January). Rain season is from March to August.
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