Oct 23, 2010

World’s Magnificent Train Stations - 2

Railway Station, Inverclyde, Scotland ©edowds
 The fact of the matter is that most train stations stand as excellent examples of the architectural genius being considered at the hilt of design sophistication. With all the legends and secrets, each station has something to be unique in. Would it be the forming-up, aura, inner finery, or surrounding, such places will never cease to fascinate. In today’s round-up we’ll be able to see the marvelous and strange variety of the world’s most spectacularly beautiful train stations.

sin city train ©grassel

Southern Cross Railway Station ©blinkingzzz

Southern Cross Station ©Toshio

St. Pancras International Train Station ©Jim Boud

Stockholm Central ©hans.soderstrom

St Pancras ©almonkey

The Gestalt of Coming and Going ©Stuck in Customs

The train now arriving at platform 2 ©Mark Youlden

The Train Now Standing ©griffin

The train station revisited ©awol1966

Source: design float


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