Aug 17, 2008

Once away from the holiday costas, you could only be in Spain. In the cities, narrow twisting old streets suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture, while spit-and-sawdust bars serving wine from the barrel rub shoulders with blaring, glaring discos.

Travel is easy, accommodation plentiful, the climate benign, the people relaxed, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy to come by and full of regional variety. More than 50 million foreigners a year visit Spain, yet you can also travel for days and hear nothing but Spanish.

Geographically, Spain's diversity is immense. There are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore, as well as some spectacularly rugged stretches of coast between the beaches.

Culturally, the country is littered with superb old buildings, from Roman aqueducts and Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals. Almost every second village has a medieval castle. Spain has been the home of some of the world's great artists - El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Dalí, Picasso - and has museums and galleries to match. The country vibrates with music of every kind - from the drama of flamenco to the melancholy lyricism of the Celtic music and gaitas (bagpipes) of the northwest.

When visiting mainland Spain it's easy to make a short stopover in bustling Barcelona. This city on the Mediterranean Sea has many tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, the 1992 Olympic Venue, Ramblas boulevard and the Camp Nou stadium, home to FC Barcelona. An informative web site to find lodging in the city, or near the airport is Besides hotel accommodations, they offer information on what to do and what to see while you are there.
Map of Spain
Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe after Russia, the Ukraine and France ....

Facts on Spain
The total population of Spain is about 40 million people with 3.5 million living the capital city of Madrid ....

Geography of Spain
Spain makes up 85% of the Iberian Peninsular with Portugal representing the rest. Almost 90% of its periphery is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean ....

Economy of Spain
The production of wine and olive oil are key agricultural products. The manufacturing and mining sectors have declined heavily whilst tourism represents the major income earner ....

Population of Spain

The Spanish people are a mixture of the indigenous peoples of the Iberian Peninsula with the successive peoples who occupied the peninsula over extensive periods ....

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