Oct 7, 2008

The National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington

Officially established in 1965, the National Mall and Memorial Parks consists of some of the oldest parks in the area and was built to preserve and maintain the monuments. It consists of various memorials like the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.The site contains over eighty historic structures, parks, squares, museums, gardens, fountains and pools. The spectacular blend of natural and cultural inclusions makes the place a heavily visited site and a famous attraction.The Lincoln Memorial is in the form of a Doric temple and consists of a huge sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and inscriptions of his speeches, while the Jefferson Memorial is a neoclassical building with marble columns and domes, both being listed in the National Register of Historic Places.This Place is the Second most visited tourists in the World(25 million visitors per year).
National Mall and Memorial Parks include the following Icons:Washington Monument- Lincoln Memorial- Thomas Jefferson Memorial- World War II Memorial- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial- Korean War Veterans Memorial- Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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