Oct 10, 2008

World's Safest Destinations - Part 2

Vatican City, Western Europe
we all know how safe the Vatican is, it only has one resident, THE POPE! And then there's the matter of the Swiss Guard which keep the tourists inline.

United Arab Emirates, Middle East
Another atypical Middle Eastern nation, the UAE is a modern & developed nation with a world class luxury travel trade.

Switzerland, Western Europe
While all Western European countries have a low crime rate to a degree, Switzerland surpasses them all in safety, security, & possibly beauty.

Sweden, Northern Europe
Sweden is as safe as they come. The only crime you'll experience here will be that of your heart being stolen by all the beautiful women.

Singapore, Southeast Asia
As are most developed Asian nations, Singapore is a very safe destination. The only thing not safe about Singapore is capital punishment, Singapore may very well be the only place in the world where the government executes more people per annum than are murdered in general. As they say, 'it's like Disneyland but with capital punishment'.

Seychelles, Africa
The only African nation to make the list is the Seychelles & it's compromised of 115-islands a thousand miles off the coast of the continent.The Seychelles though is on easy street, one of the most beautiful places in the world so an expanding tourism trade.

Norway, Northern Europe
So basically every Northern European nation made the list of safest destinations on the planet. And Norway is definitely safe, unfortunately however it's also regarded as the most expensive nation on earth.

New Zealand, South Pacific
What's the worst thing that can happen, someone might steal your sheep? Ok so that's not fair, New Zealand is a very safe, very beautiful nation.

Hong Kong, East Asia
Many feared that Hong Kong would deteriorate after its handover back to China, however in reality the opposite has happened. Hong Kong has never been a safer or more beautiful place than it is today. The economy is booming, & the streets are safe. You can literally walk from one end of the city to another at any time of night & never feel unsafe.

Finland, Northern Europe
Finland is part of that wonderful Scandinavian trifecta of beautiful nations, friendly people, & high prices. But while it may be expensive, it is definitely safe, in fact Helsinki (the capital of Finland) is routinely named the world's friendliest city.

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