Nov 1, 2008

Bamboo Forest - One of the Most Beautiful Forests in the World

It locates in the southwest Liantian Mountains Which border the Changing County and Jiangan County of Yibin City, and covers an area of 120 square kilometers with an elevation from 600 to 1000 meters. In its central region, more than 5000 hectares of big tall and upright bamboo (Pronounced in Chinese as Nanzhu, spelled Phyllostachys Mazelexh. de Lehaie in Latin) shelters 28 ridges and peaks high and low, 500 hills big and small. Bamboo grows in the fields at different levels and in the mountains and hills that stretches long and far. The place seems like a misty vast green sea. Hence it come the name of "Bamboo Sea".There are some fragmentary precious plants, some special local animals and many valuable fungi besides its beautiful, ancient natural landscape and wonderful cultural relics in Bamboo Sea. According to the statistics, in many kinds of plants, the plant Spiniclose Tree Ferm-"the live fossil in the earth"-also called Ferm has the same prosperous period as dinosaur which are prosperous in the Carboniferous Period of the Paleozoic Era about 350 million years ago. It can only be seen in some rare area in the world. It exist a few in Sichuan, Yunan, Guizhou etc., and it has been protected as the national first class plant. It is the "Live Specimen" which is used to study the relationship between papaeobotany and palaeoclinatilogy, palaeogeography, Palaeogeology, it also plays an important part in studying the evolution process of the plants and the transmutation of the crust. An ecosystem of various plants has formed.

There are 1,345 kinds of senior plants, 369 kinds of vertebrate animals, 260 kinds of invertebrate animals on the ground and 240 kinds of Hydrobiont in the zone. And there are 32 kinds of animals under I-Class or II-Class State Protection including Clouded Leopard, Golden Vulture, and 20 kinds of plants under state-level protection including Tree Ferns and Taxus. There are a variety of biological species and physiognomy. The special demeanor exists in Bamboo Sea, it has the sole animal-xylophone Frog, which is shorter than the common frogs with the green bottom and white 'frog dress', the 'xylophone Frogs', reveals their pink tender flesh on their chests and belly and is very lovely. They are the singers in the Bamboo Sea, and the high-technology "Stringed Instrumentalists" who can sing "Dong-dong-dong-tong", "Duo-mi-duo-duo", in which the acoustic fidelity sounds like wooden piano, and the acoustic fidelity are five scales in common, some even are six to seven scales, the melody is very good which makes the Bamboo Sea more poetic charm.The Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, one of the most beautiful land of happiness given by the nature, with many cultural relics and historic sites screened by green bamboo, is a fresh and clear back garden of Yibin City. A tour to the beautiful and elegant Bamboo Sea is a tour to the splendid bamboo culture of long history, a tour more mysterious and interesting, far from the mortal world.
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