Nov 19, 2008

Grand Canyon - One of the Most Visited Place in Arizona - USA

Forces of erosion led by the Colorado River have exposed a mile-deep canyon unmatched in the incomparable vistas it affords from the rim, where space and time take on geological proportions that overwhelm our senses.Located in northern Arizona, this park is 81 miles from Flagstaff, the largest city in the area.Magnificent in size and scope, the Grand Canyon has been proclaimed to be the Eighth Natural Wonder of the World. It is over a mile deep and upto 18 miles wide and stretches for 277 miles, covering a total of 1,218,375 acres. There are hiking trails and mule rides (200lb weight limit on the mules) which can bring you to the bottom of the canyon at the Colorado River. Numerous vistas and rim trails exist for those that want to look but not hike into the canyon. These are accessible by car, public transportation or hiking. Views are spectacular from any of the vistas, and as the pictures show, the time of day effects the lighting in the canyon. Midday brings a bright and shining canyon, early morning and late day bring contrast between sun and shade, highlighting deep colors. Temperatures can get quite hot during the summer, especially as one descends into the canyon.

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